Different and Able

A Butterfly from a Cocoon but with a Difference

The design of nature is unique in a way that it constantly challenges its own convention every time. This attribute of nature is the one that drives the living kingdom to be progressive, fondly termed as evolution by great minds. The intent of Human Library is no different from that of this inherent intent of nature. Also, nature does not easily endorse longevity unless a certain level of struggle is shown.

A Butterfly is often seen as a thing of beauty, nonetheless, the struggle to break open the cocoon and the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly are no less meaningful. Ankit Agarwal, a human book, is a living soul and a thoughtful individual who never hesitates to question stereotypes and who breaks stereotypes with ease.Unfortunately, the Mother Nature has other counter plans. He is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder that progressively leads to degeneration of muscles, thereby constantly trying to put him back inside the cocoon. He has never let the physical troubles hinder him from growing, achieving his dreams and leading his life in the way he wanted. A sharp mind and a beautiful heart are often intertwined with hidden complexity.

Ankit has been an explicit example and an inspiration in expressing that mind matters over a body. Pushing aside all his physical troubles, Ankit has completed his Engineering and is looking forward for further education while working for a reputable firm in Surat. He travels more than 40 km every day to enjoy work. He never hesitates to raise his voice against any wrong happenings in front of him.

A talk with Ankit for just a half an hour will let anyone realize how updated Ankit is. His opinion of life is strongly based on logic and reasoning that are supported by strong faith and belief in himself. His approach to his life is filled with positivity and would make people around him positive.


Though physically supported by wheelchair, Ankit is the pillar of mental strength for his family and friends. Ankit has been a huge inspiration for his friends who approach various schools and colleges in Surat to bring awareness about the need to be specially-abled friendly by availing all the facilities like ramps, proper sidewalk, and special washrooms.

Ankit never stops to amaze and surprise others. His journey continues to be full of hurdles and he skillfully leaps forward over them to reach places where most others of his age can only dare to dream.

Ankit Agarwal – A human book sculpted to be read by all, especially by those who seek inspiration from outside unaware to find it inside.

Also, To end with, below are the few words on Ankit from the well known librarian Akash Gilitwala,

“Dethroned by childhood and ripped by adulthood; but as we say ‘Heart’ is the strongest muscle, it loaded a way out for him too. Despite hating a mandatory low angle camera sight from a wheelchair, he manages to owe a successful chemical engineer balancing reactions and relations” – @akashgilitwala


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